Accounting Tasks You Should Do Each Week

Strong bookkeeping and financial accounting records are essential for the success of any business, big or small. Some of the largest businesses in the world have ultimately failed because their accounting practices were disorganized — or worse, deceptive. Small businesses may be even more susceptible to poor accounting practices. Even

Negotiate Your Way to Start-up Funding With These Tips

When you’re raising money to grow or start your business and have investors in mind, you need a game plan to get funding. Unless you inherited millions of dollars to invest in your ideas, bootstrapping a start-up won’t cut it. Instead, try this five-step plan to negotiate your way to

15 Reasons Why Bookkeeping Services Is Important

Bookkeeping is important for helping you maintain accurate financial records. Yet still, many businesses fail to implement this integral process. Besides the fact you are required under law to maintain accurate books and records, doing so will save you frustration later on. In fact, “poor accounting” is one of the

How will Accounting Services Help your business?

A business idea is just the first step in a long journey that will lead your company to success in the future. There are many people who come up with great ideas, but find their business fails because they don’t implement the right systems to help the company to succeed.

Latest news from SARS on Tax Returns.

The SA Revenue Service announced on Tuesday that it has lifted the tax return threshold from R350 000 to R500 000. This means that only people who earn more than R500 000 per year will need to file tax returns. Criteria to be met are as follows: 1) Your total

Tips on Taking Your Accounting (and Office) Paper-Free

With business and virtually all other economic sectors now largely operating with the technological tools of the digital age, companies everywhere have gone, or are currently going paperless. The operational detriments of continuing to collect space-consuming crates of archived paper accounting records and to transmit paper documentation as a way

Outsourcing your Financial Department – Why it works!

A South African economy under pressure forced decision makers in the SME market to review the total composition of their organisations. Naturally, salary bills had to be cut, in order to ensure the survival of the business remained top priority. Unfortunately the financial departments were also affected and have often

How advanced payroll systems can help to address Remuneration and HR Management issues.

How advanced payroll systems can help to address Remuneration and HR Management issues. Payroll problems can lead to widespread dissatisfaction among employees, especially if such problems cause delays in payments. Employees may become disgruntled when public holidays cause payment delays. This can also be the case when the person responsible

3 Reasons to Use Time Tracking Even if You Charge a Flat Rate.

Your company always uses flat rates for client projects. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of time tracking, the push back from clients who think your hourly rate is too high compared to a flat rate and the extra accounting services involved. However, there are a few valid

What Small Business Owners Need To Know About Balance Sheets.

Many small businesses reliably produce a set of financial statements each year, listing assets and liabilities, revenue and expenses, cash flow and shareholder equity. Often, outsourced bookkeeping services prepare these reports, but the documents are quickly forgotten by business leaders as they focus on the day-to-day challenges of running the